New Sorting Feature for MediaWiki Table

Today i came across with this new feature of MediaWiki where you can sort columns of a table by just adding a class name to it. its very simple and very effective. it comes with version 1.9.0 (not stable release) . i would have liked to include this cool feature in my coming MediaWiki book but its not stable and it might change during the development. but all the way, i liked the feature and i am really looking forward to see this feature is available in next stable version.

You can look at the following link for current development.

A nice example of mediawiki –

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A Fresh Start

i dont know when did i last try to write my blog. it seems such a long time i am out of writting. now a days i am so busy with my works that i can hardly give myself any time. working for 36 hours, 40 hours continuously. well that kinda describes what i am doing now. but atleast i am satisfied because i am learning a lots of things. working with lots of open source projects at a time. most challenging work was Joomla and os commerce integration. thought i had the joomla oscommerce bridge but it is so inconsistant that i have to give some considerable time to make it work. i liked the joomla directory component mosets tree. though its not free but its a nice app to work with. my current task is hacking mediawiki, you can say hack at it’s best. can you think of a ecommerce site based on mediawiki. well i can and i am building it now for one of my customer. i am also working with symfony, the PHP framework. its something very much interesting to me. lets see how far i can dig into it. cause the deadline of the project is coming…………

I dumped my previous blog site as i wanted to have something parmanent. so i am starting from here, i hope it will be a continuous effort from me now.