www.phpmytips.com coming soon

for last few days i am working on my next project www.phpmytips.com, a complete question and answer site. after getting very good positive response from my php mysql interview question sections in this site, i have decided to build phpmytips.com for everyone where everyone can participate and contribute. here are the rough features i have in my mind to implement

1. anyone can add or answer question

2. ratings on answers and questions to decide popularity.

3. user ranking system

4. ability to tag question

5. watch a particular question or category

6. add tips (you will give the tips) to the site

7. favorite question, top answers, unanswered section.

8. ability to add in social book marking sites

9. rss feeds.

10. group question and answers or tips such as interview tips or questions (can be be hundreds)

11. email a friend functionality

12. pdf export (still thinking about it)

13. comments on pages.

so if you guys have anything else to add then please feel free to append on this post. i will prioritize them and implement them accordingly. i have a plan to release the beta version with minimum functionality within mid November. btw, i am using PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, jQuery, XHTML

so the countdown begins..