My Personal Site

I was planning to move my blog to under my personal domain and it is now available at It will be an exact copy of this site including all posts and contents. I will be maintaining both of the site together to make sure that the visitors have the current information available in the both site.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks everyone for the support.

Atlast our dream project has started!!!

Yes our dream project, “Bangla PHP book” has started last week. Me, Hasin, Emran, Shureed and all those enthusiast developer from PHPXperts group really making it happen. Thanks to Hasin for his initiative and we are very optimistic to bring out a quality book very soon. If anyone is interested, you can join our project. more information on this project can be found here.

My hats off to all the contributors and well wishers of this project. Keep up the good works.

WordPress Plugins Development

I had started writing my new book for Packt Publishing titled “WordPress Plugins Development”. But I decided to take the back step as I was very busy with my projects at office and couldn’t manage good amount of time for the book. I believe in quality rather than quantity. So, as i am getting bit free time now, I want to finish the book with a modified outline and publish it online. So that people can review and give me necessary feedback to make it a good one. May be later I will try to publish it but i want to focus on the writings for right now.

Every 2/3 weeks a new chapter will be uploaded online with all the codes and graphics so that user can read and apply the things they will learn. I hope to upload the first chapter in the first week of April.

Certified Scrum Master

Recently I have completed my Certified Scrum Master training from Pete Deemer of Good Agile ( I have attended the 14 hour training program along with my colleague N.H.M Tanveer Hossain Khan on 5th March, 2008 in New Delhi, India. It’s been a nice experience for us and we believe it will be very helpful for us to implement a good scrum oriented development all over the organization. Thanks to Arild for this opportunity and We hope to deliver the expected result to him.

Me and Hasan is also trying to organize a Scrum Master Training in Bangladesh for the first time in this year. So anybody interested to attend the course can drop me a line.


A night at somewhere in…

Its 3:30 am in the morning and we three (me, lavlu da and morshed) are still working as we have a release of our group bangla blog tomorrow. we are running against time but having lots of fun. We are doing pair programming, reviewing each other work done so far and finding bugs and solving them. Don’t know when we will go to bed, our office will start 8:00 am in the morning. so planning for a quick nab for atleast 3 hours. Music is very loud and fueling our engine to work so late in the night. We are all having coffee and tea to fight with our sleep.

lets hope we can finish up our target task and make this effort successful.

My First Day at somewhere in…

I have forgotten when I last wake up 6:30 am in the morning to prepare myself for office. Actually last two years I used to go to bed at 7:00 am every morning after working whole night and get ready for office around 2:00 pm. It’s just like reversing my daily routine now. But I am happy to change my daily routine for a good purpose. At last I am going to get more time for my family and friends.

So let me get in to the details how my first day at “somewhere in…” went:

I woke up at 6:15 am in the morning and finally get out of the bed at 6:45 am. I started for office at 7:30 am and after having my breakfast at a restaurant nearby, I reached “somewhere in…” at 8:10 am. Though I was the first member of my R&D team to attend the office but I could not beat Arild on arrival. My day started with a discussion about the business model of somewhere in.. and the core objective of the R&D team. Around 11:00 in the morning Arild called a meeting for the new R&D team with 10 members including Me, Hasan, Lavlu, Morshed, Emon, Rossen, Rhythm, Yameen, Mishu and Ajanta. I must say this team just rocks. In a single day we came so close that it gave me the comfort level I was always looking from my team. I also received warm reception from everyone in the company. It is nice to be a part of the BOBs (Best Of Bangladesh).

We had a two hours long meeting and after that we went for our lunch. After lunch I started with my PHP team to discuss the current status of the team and to set our next milestone. I am excited to work on my first localization project. As I can’t type Bangla that well, I faced little bit problem to work fast. I spent most of my time staring at my keyboard rather than typing code. In the afternoon I had a great time playing cricket with my colleagues. I just had a great day in “somewhere in…” and I forgot that the office time is far over. I got out of the office around 7:30 PM.

It was an amazing day for me with so much fun and excitement and I hope to continue to enjoy my moments more and more every day. Actually that’s why everyone in “somewhere in…” is focused to do.

We create colorful moments…

Joining Somewherein….

I am going to join Somewherein From August 1, 2007 as the PHP Team lead. After spending more than 27 months in ReliSource Technologies  , I have finally made up my mind to switch my job for new challenges and new responsibilities. I am hoping for a great time in Somewherein and to work with the BOBs’ (Best of Bangladesh) and Arild specially.

Wish me best of luck everyone….

I got my Book on hand!!!!!!!

After waiting for a month, finally i got the printed copy of my book on my hand. It’s a feeling that i can’t express in few words. Though i was baffled by the wrong address posting of the book byPackt, but finally it arrived to the right place.

The book just look awesome to me. I wish the people also find it useful and interesting.
I am now anxiously waiting for few reviews from the readers to know the actual reaction from my audience.

MediaWiki Book has been published

Today my book has been published. It has been a long waiting for me. Finally it’s on the hands of the readers. I can’t wait to receive my copies. Lets hope that it will be well accepted by readers.

here are few pics from David, my development editor at Packt Publishing.

David with the book

David with the book