My First Book….

Today I received the cover page of my first book “MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide” from Packt Publishing. I knew it is going to publish at the end of February or early march and was expecting to see the cover of the book beforehand. Adding to my surprise I was invited by Nikhil to discuss the cover page of my book. I am an amateur photographer and I was willing to contribute to the cover image of the book. Akshara (my technical editor) and Nikhil, both remembered the word ‘photographer’ from me and they wanted to have my thoughts on the cover image. I sent them one of my taken pictures and was not sure it will make any impact on the book cover. Next morning I woke up from bed and read the mail from Nikhil that my picture had been chosen for my book. It was really a surprising moment for me as I relish my biggest success as a photographer. I hope others like the picture too as well as the book. Now I am counting the days when I will received the email from Packt with the confirmation that the book has been published.

2 thoughts on “My First Book….

  1. Paul Barris says:


    First of all I want to thank you for writing a book on mediawiki- for a long time now I’ve been looking for some concrete in-depth guide- can’t wait to read it.

    please allow me to consult your expertise on the following problem I encountered:

    I would like to create two mediawiki installations:
    one to act as the main knowledge base
    and another installation on a usb memory stick to use wherever I go.

    the main problem I’m encountering is how can I Synchronize the two installations -updating my main knowledgebase from the usb standalone one.

    I’ve searched a lot and can’t find a clue.

    can you please be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

    thank you very much for your time

    looking forward to reading your book!

    all the best

    Paul Barris

  2. booleandreams says:

    hi Paul
    thanks for your comment.

    if i understood your requirement correctly then you need to snyc your two different MySQL database in two different location. you do not need any mediawiki feature for that. MediaWiki have features to export and import database. but what you can do is you can find MySQL database synchorinization tool so that you can easily sync your two databases anytime you want. there is one commercial tool available for $27 named SQLyog and can be found at

    you can also try with MySQL MaxDB Synchronization Manager which can be found at mysql site.

    or you have the basic option also which is to export the complete database (localhost) and then import to your USB database.

    please let me know if that helps you or not.


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