Installing CodeIgniter on IIS

I faced a serious problem during deploying one of my CodeIgniter application to a windows server running on IIS. After installing CodeIgniter the index.php page was not visible at all. I tried many ways to configure it but it does not show anything. A problem with SEF (search engine friendly) URL CodeIgniter follows. I searched the internet but couldn’t find a suitable solution or answer to the problem. After two day I found a very good and step by step solution for this problem.  You can have a look at it in the following URL.

Installing CodeIgniter on IIS

16 thoughts on “Installing CodeIgniter on IIS

  1. Saidur says:

    Mizan bhai,

    Nice to share this.This will save time for others. Well can you post the link in your CI forum thread :” A week for installing CI on IIS?” . Or if you post in the wiki then it will be easily trac.

    Saidur Rahman bijon

  2. Fahd Murtaza says:


    Thanks for the quick respeonse on email. In accordance with your instractions on my email. I got the Helicon URL rewrting thing installed on my PC and its in this location.

    C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_Rewrite3

    Well can you guide me specifically how to configure codeigniter with it?

    Fahd Murtaza

  3. niuriset says:

    Hi! I’m trying to do the same, but your url isn’t available now, could you please let me know where can I find how to do it.


  4. SuperPosts says:

    i have received the code from developer and he is using codeigniter, but the page does not load at all :(. i use iis 7 but do not have isapi rewrite, it confilicts with .net ajax.

  5. masbenx says:

    thanx for share.
    i got message error 500 internal server error on my codeigniter whe i install it on iis7.
    for info. i didn’t use htaccess on my web.
    can you help me how to seting it on iis7.

  6. Carlos says:

    Hi Mizanur:

    My name is Carlos Ortega and I’m totally new to Code Igniter.
    Just today I tried to follow the instructions to install CI on IIS7 without success.
    I consulted in the CI forums and apparently there are few references that can help a newbe like that has that platform configuration.
    But also at the same time many of the help addresses you blog entry “Installing CodeIgniter on IIS”.
    Unfortunately when I tried to access to know more about you hints/experiences, your blog indicates that the page does not exist anymore.
    I was wondering if you can provide me some link to your article so I can continue digging into CI.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  7. Gio says:


    The link on top does not work. Can you please send me the correct link? I can’t get anything but the main controller to display..everything else says 404 error. Please help me!

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