New initiatives for Bangla Language on Web

I am thinking of introducing new Bangla based services for the web. here are few of my ideas which will go development phase very soon

1. bangla spell checker

2. bangla wysiwyg editor (probably tinymce)

3. bangla translation

4. bangla unicode pdf

5. bangla universal writing panel with keyboard support (from somewhereinblog write panel)

if you have some cool idea, you can share with me and also you can participate in any of the projects above if you want to.

2 thoughts on “New initiatives for Bangla Language on Web

  1. Abu Faisal Ahmed says:

    Hi Mizan Bhai,

    I am a new comer in PHP world. I don’t know nothing in PHP. But I am tryng to learn it properly. I am interested to work in PHP Bangla based services. If you think that after some theoretical study and practice I can join in your team please reply me. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


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