My First Book….

Today I received the cover page of my first book “MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide” from Packt Publishing. I knew it is going to publish at the end of February or early march and was expecting to see the cover of the book beforehand. Adding to my surprise I was invited by Nikhil to discuss the cover page of my book. I am an amateur photographer and I was willing to contribute to the cover image of the book. Akshara (my technical editor) and Nikhil, both remembered the word ‘photographer’ from me and they wanted to have my thoughts on the cover image. I sent them one of my taken pictures and was not sure it will make any impact on the book cover. Next morning I woke up from bed and read the mail from Nikhil that my picture had been chosen for my book. It was really a surprising moment for me as I relish my biggest success as a photographer. I hope others like the picture too as well as the book. Now I am counting the days when I will received the email from Packt with the confirmation that the book has been published.

A Fresh Start

i dont know when did i last try to write my blog. it seems such a long time i am out of writting. now a days i am so busy with my works that i can hardly give myself any time. working for 36 hours, 40 hours continuously. well that kinda describes what i am doing now. but atleast i am satisfied because i am learning a lots of things. working with lots of open source projects at a time. most challenging work was Joomla and os commerce integration. thought i had the joomla oscommerce bridge but it is so inconsistant that i have to give some considerable time to make it work. i liked the joomla directory component mosets tree. though its not free but its a nice app to work with. my current task is hacking mediawiki, you can say hack at it’s best. can you think of a ecommerce site based on mediawiki. well i can and i am building it now for one of my customer. i am also working with symfony, the PHP framework. its something very much interesting to me. lets see how far i can dig into it. cause the deadline of the project is coming…………

I dumped my previous blog site as i wanted to have something parmanent. so i am starting from here, i hope it will be a continuous effort from me now.