MediaWiki Book has been published

Today my book has been published. It has been a long waiting for me. Finally it’s on the hands of the readers. I can’t wait to receive my copies. Lets hope that it will be well accepted by readers.

here are few pics from David, my development editor at Packt Publishing.

David with the book

David with the book

10 thoughts on “MediaWiki Book has been published

  1. hasin says:

    Hi Mizan

    Fabtastic work! – Remember the old days when you discussed with me regarding the idea?? – its a nice moment that the book is finally done!!

    I am expecting more unique works like this from you.


  2. Saumen says:

    Gr8! Thank you bhaiya for your hard work 😀
    Is there any reference URL where I can find the book review?

    And.. who are your target readers for this particular book?

  3. booleandreams says:

    Hi Saumen
    You can go to Packt Publishing website to find more about the book. You can click the book image on my blog site to visit Packt site. For user review, you have to wait few days until they finish the book. I am really eager to know how readers taking the book. Lets hope for the best. Your last question, who are the target readers? well the answer is

    1. anyone who want to create a collaborative site and they want to use MediaWiki.
    2. someone already using wiki site and want to have advance knowledge
    3. a new comer to the wiki world
    4. wiki administrators and developers.

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